Cork & Tap Van
“The Beast” as it is affectionally known.

I have spent most of the last 20 years in the car throughout my professional life after college and most of it has been in some cutthroat corporate industries. Someone always looking for a way to get an edge over someone else. It has led to a lot of stress in dealing with clients and working with them to get an edge of XYZ corporation. Do not get me wrong I have developed a lot of coping mechanisms and strategies to deal with those types and from what I have been told some high-level customer service and account management skills.

But since I have started this venture, a new light has been shed on me. It is a spirit of cooperation and camaraderie between what looks like should be competitors and it really turns out they are striving for a common goal. So, as I start planning a trip, I always give each stop we visit a call to let them know I am bringing a group of people, on one instance I called Winery A and mentioned we were going to Brewery B for lunch and Winery A joked we could of came there, but Brewery B had supplied them with a piece of equipment to help them launch their business and they were indebted to them. I was floored to hear that because most business I have worked with do not work together and see each other as mortal enemies. As I have continued to visit a good portion of stops, these places do not see themselves as enemies and realize that there is enough of the economic pie to go around, and they all can have a slice.

So, take solace when you are planning your staycation in Ohio or a day trip to Columbus to visit your favorite winery, brewery, distillery and cidery, realize that almost all these places are working in cooperation to give you the best beer, wine, bourbon, moonshine, cider, mead, vodkas and overall experiences.