50How many people can you accommodate? 10

Is your price per person? We charge a flat rate so the same price for 1-10 people. But occasionally we run special events that we sell tickets for on a per seat basis.

Do you ever fill in groups with other people? We do, if you’re interested in doing this email us at corkandtapohio@gmail.com

Where do you pick up/drop-off? At your home or lodging accommodation

What time do your excursions start? We can be very accommodating with start times, but keep in mind that some places close early and we want to make sure you get to all your stops. The only time we will set a time for pickup is if you book a four-hour trip on a Saturday. We like to do more than one trip in a day when we do four-hour trips on Saturdays.

Do you allow drinking of alcohol in the van? No.

Do I need to make reservations at the stops we go to? No, we will handle all of that if one of your stops takes reservations.

Are drinks included in the price of the excursion? No, we find that everyone has their own tastes and don’t want to buy them something they don’t want. Also, the state of Ohio does not allow any discounts on wine and beer without stipulations so we couldn’t provide any value to you as a customer to include those in the price, since you would get them at the same price, we would purchase them at and pass back on to you.

Can we bring snacks? Absolutely, we want you to bring whatever you would like. Keep in mind some of our stops have menus and do not allow outside food. We can also arrange to have box lunches made at an additional cost.

Custom Trips? As you may have noticed we serve wineries and breweries in a 7-county area. But that doesn’t mean we don’t service other establishments. We can also visit wineries and breweries in other parts of the state or bars and clubs. Fuel surcharge may apply. Contact us and we can set up whatever kind of trip you would like.

Rules and Policies

Refunds and Cancellations

If you need to cancel a full refund will be offered if you cancel more than 21 days out from your trip date. If you cancel within the 21-day window before your trip, there will be a $150 cancellation fee, or you can reschedule to another day

If you make changes to your trip within the 21-day window before your trip you will not be refunded your changes. I.e., reducing the length of your trip.

If you cancel within 7 days of your trip start time you will not be refunded, or we can reschedule to another day.

All refunds will be less 6% of your original purchase to cover the credit card fees for initial purchase and for refunds.

Drinking and Smoking

There is no drinking of alcohol, smoking or vaping while in the van. Any violation of this rule may result in a cleaning fee being assessed to your bill. You will be asked to stop and if you refuse you may be asked to leave the trip without a refund.

Conduct in establishments

Any behavior that gets you removed or barred from the establishments we visit may result in you being asked to leave the trip without a refund.


All trips are built out with a set amount of miles (this can change based on fuel prices) included in the cost of your trip. That includes the miles we travel when we are out on your excursion plus the mileage from Cork and Tap Excursions, LLC office to your destinations. But in the case a trip leaves the counties we are visiting, or you require pickup outside of our territory which includes, Athens, Coshocton, Fairfield, Franklin, Hocking, Licking and Perry counties, you may incur a small fuel surcharge (varies on cost of fuel). Most times trips within our territory that include pickup in counties stated above the fuel surcharge will not apply, but there are some exceptions to that.

If your route is changed after payment is made and it leads to an increase in mileage driven, you may be billed for the increased mileage.

Biological Contaminations

Biological contaminations can be costly and result in the cancellation of future trips. In the event of a biological contamination i.e., vomit, blood, feces, or other bodily fluids the person who books the trip is subject to a $400 cleaning fee. In extreme circumstances the charge may be more.

Reserving days

We are more than happy to hold a day for you until you get everything in order, unless there is a deposit made, we will not hold a day for more than 48 hours.

Planning your trip

  1. Pick a date and who you would like to come along (up to 10 people per trip)
  2. Pick a county where you would like to visit
  3. Depending on the length of your trip pick the locations you would like to visit.
    1. 4-hour trip (3 stops)
    2. 6-hour trip (4-5 stops)
  4. Make your payment. $150 cancellation fee if trip is cancelled within 21 days. No refund if cancelled withing 7 days of your trip. No shows will not get a refund.
  5. I will contact you to confirm your pickup location and time for pick up.

Day of trip

  1. I will send you a text when I am on my way with my ETA
  2. Make sure everyone is at the pickup location on time
  3. Make sure your phone has enough charge so you can take pictures to post to social media, be sure to tag us on Instagram: @corkandtapohio and Facebook @Cork & Tap Excursions
  4. Bring sunscreen (some stops have outdoor seating)
  5. Bring comfortable shoes, some wineries have trails you may want to explore
  6. Bring blankets or chairs if you would like to sit in the grass. We will pack an extra blanket in the van if you forget one.
  7. If you need to keep anything cool, I always have a cooler on board

On the trip

  1. If you have questions let your driver know
  2. Have fun, if you want to listen to music you can connect to the vans stereo system or if you want to play games feel free
  3. If you are enjoying one of your stops and want to extend your stay instead of going to another stop, let your driver know we certainly can make changes to the excursion schedule.
  4. Feel free to pack a lunch or we can provide you with lite fare at a small charge. Or take advantage of each venues dining options.
  5. Be sure to hydrate, we will have water on board the van.
  6. If for some reason you are not feeling well let your driver know so we can help you however we can.

After the trip

  1. Be sure to post all your pics to your social media
  2. Post reviews to social media and Google
  3. Check back often for special trips.